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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Layton family

So first I have to start off by saying that I am NOT doing any more photo shoots in December! What a recipe for disaster. Actually I am amazed at the images we were able to pull off during this shoot. I made the mistake of scheduling a morning shoot for this family, not realizing that it was December and that the temperature would literally be 30 degrees. YIKES. Between each shot one or two of these poor kids would be crying and we were all jumping up and down and racing back to our cars to try and warm up a little bit. Despite the freezing cold weather, we were still able to pull off some great shots, so thanks Layton family for being so patient with your cold kiddos and trucking through a freezing cold morning with me! Oh, and P.S. did I mention that Adam was my first real boyfriend? Ha ha, you gotta love living in a small town!


Dave, Tamara and Addysen Mowers said...

What a cute family. Love them. ")

Luke & Erica said...

Super cute. Love the Sweater Dresses and boots, I'll have to remember that one too! I remember when you two dated. How funny, what a small town! Can't even tell they were freezing their hiney's off, Haha!

Jason and Amanda said...

Okay--I love this family and their pics are super cute! We gotta do the tractor one someday--Jason will be jealous! I know L will love them all!