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Friday, August 28, 2009

Head Shots

Trisha contacted me about doing some head shots for her. I did her baby a few months ago, so I was really excited to be able to work with her this time! She is starting up her new tax / investment business and wanted to get some pictures that might help her stand out. I hope I'm helping her on her way! So if any of you need your taxes done this upcoming tax season, remember Trisha Ciancimino, she will also come to your home to do them for you if you need her to, for no extra fee (so nice for those of us who don't want to drag out kiddos out of the house)! We had a fun time doing these pictures...except for the scary guys in the apartment building next door cat calling at us! Thanks for being a good sport Trisha!

I'm also trying out a new edit on most of these pictures...let me know what you think about it all you blog lurkers! Ü

P.S. doesn't she have the most amazingly gorgeous blue eyes! Wow!


Luke & Erica said...

Those are great pics, can you make me look this good, just kidding.

Juliana said...

I like your edit--You are just super at this Amber!

mandbrid said...

I love the look of the first one...they all look great!

Jason and Amanda said...

All them are great! Trisha is a beautiful girl---I know her from work! Too funny...small world.

trisha3357 said...

Thanks Amber! I love them! I can't wait for next time.