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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today's Favorites

So normally I would put something like this on Facebook, but I knew the second picture wouldn't look good at ALL super tiny in Facebook size. So here are my two favorites I edited today. Hope you like Ü




Kristi M. said...

Love the ground in the first picture. How cool is that. The second picture is just so dreamy. Love the before and after shot posts BTW. I think people get so frustrated that their pictures don't look great but don't realize that most pictures are edited to look that way.

xoxo J said...

i LOVE pics like the 2nd one, trees and hay (meadow type thing ha), and the perfect amount of sun! it's beautiful. you do such a wonderful job!

Hawkins Family said...

a-DORABLE!! IF this is Kiley G., then boy has she grown up! LOVE 'EM!!