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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fair Results

Ok, so for anyone who follows me on Facebook, you know that I went ahead and entered some pictures in the fair this year. I didn't really do it for the ribbons, I just more wanted the exposure. It turned out MUCH better than I expected! And I can't even describe what an amazing feeling it was to walk through the photography building watching people pass by my pictures, point at them and say things like "that is an AMAZING picture" or "Wow, that's BEAUTIFUL". It seriously gave me chills. I told my husband I wished I could have set up a hidden camera to hear what people were saying. I LOVE feedback on my pictures, especially when it's good! So thanks to everyone who came out and supported me, gave encouraging comments, and here are the results.

Having to enter pictures only in the 'Professional' category, I was only allowed 4 entries.

Portraits: Blue Ribbon (1st place) Ü

Graduation/ Seniors (next year if I decide to enter, I won't enter 3 pictures in the same category, duh) 3rd place


Graduation/ Seniors: Second Place


Graduation/ Seniors: Blue AND Green ribbon!!! First place & Special Merit (I was excited)



Luke & Erica said...

Congrats, glad you were happy! Can't wait to see the awesome work awaiting us next year!

Kristi M. said...

Congrats!! Awesome job! I was just telling my friend about 5 minutes ago about that very last picture and how much I love it and then to see it here winning awards...I forwarded your website/blog to her last night since she is getting into photography for other people as well. That last shot is so editorial. My very favorite of yours.

Erin said...

Well deserved Amber!!!

I was so excited for you when I walked into the photography exibits to see all of your ribbons! My fave is the black and white of Kaylee. Oooh! Love it! Awesome job.

Shawna said...

Awesome! You really do take amazing pictures! :) Im glad the fair judges thought so too!

Marisa and Rob said...

Way to go Amber!!! You really do a AMAZING job!!! (I think I shoudl be you're #1 fan for you're club!) :P

Dave, Tamara and Addysen Mowers said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!! You did fantastic I knew you would totally ROCK it. Way to go. Glad you were to get some fun loving feedback that is always nice to hear.

Kerrie said...

Man-Amber-I am absolutely in LOVE with your photo's! I don't know how you d oit. But your personality seems to be perfect for making people comfy and happy and ready for their moment to be captured. I have your blog as one of my blog list links and love when you post a new picture. I don't have a lot of time to get artistic lately-so I live through those who do! Thank you for sharing it with me! BTW i love the last one with the sunset-the colors couldn't be more perfect. Its so soft and so brilliant at the same time. Indescribable! Someday I need to get you to take family pics of my family :)