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Monday, November 2, 2009

Kaitlyn- Full Session

I took Kaitlyn's headshots a while back for the yearbook deadline, and I was SO excited to be able to do her full session. Not only is she completely adorable, totally photogenic, and just really fun to talk to, but this girl has done some things in here life already that I could never imagine doing...ever! When I first met her she told me she had been raising a steer that she was going to be auctioning off at the fair...um, what was that you said, you are raising a steer? And you are in high school? Amazing. I am putting the picture on here I took of all of her belt buckles and banners she has won for all of her accomplishments. Needless to say I had a great time talking to her and her mom. I think we got some amazing pictures to boot. Thanks so much Kaitlyn and Julie, I hope you love them!

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Katie Jane said...

So adorable! A Steer! CRAZY! I won't even raise a worm! so cute! love the location! I need to learn where thats at so when i turn 16 i can drive there and take pics! haha.