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Monday, November 16, 2009

Brooke Day 2

First I just have to say that I LOVE day 2 sessions. After the first day of getting to know each other and becoming more comfortable, day 2 is always better. I almost always love the pictures more from the second day of shooting better than the first, and this one was no exception. I usually just stick some from day 1 and 2 in with the same post, but Brooke's sessions were about 3 weeks apart, so she gets 2 different posts! This session was a blessing that it was our second day, otherwise I think it could have been a disaster, seriously. This day goes into my top 5 most miserable shooting conditions. The wind was blowing like a hurricane and it was cooold. While she was changing clothes I was doing stair steppers with my stool to keep myself from freezing while I waited. You can't tell by Brooke's face though! We got through it and came out with some great shots. Thanks Brooke. I had so much fun with you!!

I LOVE this picture. I love clients that aren't afraid to try fun things Ü

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