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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gina & Travis Engagement session

My little sister is getting married! It's so exciting to be able to take her pictures. I think when you really care about someone, it comes out in your pictures, so I really hope I was able to convey the feeling and emotion between these two. First, I loved them because they are my family, but second because they are the type of engaged couple that I LOVE to shoot. They weren't afraid to be themselves, and acted like they normally do when they are alone. It made for some great shots, and I had an amazing 2 days doing pictures with them. I love you Gina!


Kayz said...

Whoa those are awesome!! Although, I did have 2 thoughts...that one with them on the road is SO unique and looks uber dangerous. =) Like LOVE is dangerous, but worth it. =) the flower/meadow one looks too perfect too....like they took it in front of a green screen for a movie. =) AWES!


Phil and Lisa said...

I know that little stretch of road! I think that's my favorite one! :)