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Monday, October 19, 2009


So I took Brooke out to this spot I've been shooting at lately. I described it to her before hand, but when we got there, she got out of the car and said "I've been here before, my family owns this!" Ha ha! I usually have no idea who owns the places I shoot at. I always have a game plan of just asking if someone drives up. The spots are usually in random places in the middle of nowhere, so it's hard to find out who owns the places. Well, in this case I was able to make her shoot a little more personal, even if I had no idea I was doing it ! I had a lot of fun with Brooke even if both of us ended up with like a THOUSAND bug bites, yikes! Isn't this girl gorgeous though, for real. I loved so many of her pictures, I had a hard time choosing what to put on here. Anyway, here they are Brooke! I hope you love them, even if they are a bit late! Ü

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Katie Jane said...

so cute~Dang i wish i could do my hair like that.