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Monday, October 19, 2009

Anaya Family

Remember Hillary from a few sessions back? Well, this is her big sister, and I was SO excited when I got the e-mail that they wanted to do family pictures! I had just been to the Haban benefit concert a few nights before we did their session, and Cynthia was one of the singers. Holy smokes this girl can sing! Anyway, it was so fun to get to meet and know their family. They were the type of people I LOVE to shoot. They weren't afraid to be themselves, have fun, and interact with their kids. As a result, I think we got some amazing shots! Thanks so much you guys!

There is nothing in this world this little guy loves more than to play basketball. His dad used to play for EAC and you can tell he passed those talent genes onto his son. Seriously, the kid can shoot baskets better than I can!

LOOOOVE this shot. Love love love love love love LOVE it!

And this sweet little thing, man I just wanted to gobble her up! She was pretty solemn faced the whole time, but her expressions were priceless. ADORABLE!

Once again, LOVE this picture.

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Katie Jane said...

LOVE THE ANAYA'S!!! they are in my ward :D Every time i see their kids, I always think they look like mickey and minnie mouse... haha so cute!!! I LOVE THAT PICTURE TOO! (the dad and jj one :D )