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Thursday, September 10, 2009


So I have found a new favorite...senior pictures! Oh my gosh, I can't even say enough about how much I LOVE taking pictures of these guys! And I could go on all day about how AMAZING this girl was. Not only is she gorgeous, but she was so fun, energetic, and totally willing to do anything and everything I asked of her...even when the cops came and told us we were tresspassing (Oops! At least I knew him so we didn't get in too much trouble ;o) and also wading out into a cotton field totally full of mud. She was a trooper and I love her for it Ü Thanks so much Karissa, I hope you LOOOOVE your pictures as much as I do!

Um, can anyone say Cover Girl?? Seriously though....

This was out at her grandpa's place. They used to drive around on this tractor when they were little kids, how cute is that?


Luke & Erica said...

What a pretty girl. I love these pics, so fun and young!!

Momma Princess said...

BEAUTIFUL! Love the train track one.