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Monday, August 10, 2009

One of my own...

So this is my little girl, Felicity. She has always been one of my favorite models, and especially now that she is getting older, she likes to come up with ideas of what poses she thinks will look the best. She just celebrated her birthday, and I always take my girls' pictures every year on their birthday, so I thought I'd post my favorites on here. This picture below is the perfect example of a Felicity pose.... it makes me laugh Ü

This one is going on my wall....

And this one....BIG (like 20x40 or somewhere around that )

And this one too. Too many to choose from this time around. I'll find the wall space!

Oooh, and this one in a 16x24 pop-out. I seriously can't wait to get all of these!

I love my little girl! Happy birthday!


Luke & Erica said...

Amber I just love your pictures. Her white dress is goreous and she is the cutest little thing. I saw that she and Andie are in the same class this year. How fun!! I am going to need more pics for Christmas, I'm thinking Mt Graham, what do you think? Erynn will be about 9 months in Nov.

Kristi M. said...

Love your pictures! I sure wished that you lived closer so you could do my family. Where did you pick up the overlays for some of those pictures. When I ever find the time, I want to get back into stuff like this.

Jason and Amanda said...

I've been gone and haven't checked these out in a few weeks and you've been busy! I love seeing people I know on here--and seeing you capture their personalities--like the Bryce family! And I love Felicity's dress and ALLLLL her pics...I really don't know how you'll choose. I love how they aren't just pics-- they are "art" and will look fantastic on your wall!

Phil and Lisa said...

You crack me up! Good luck finding wall space!
The last picture is incredible!

Amy said...

Amber, your pictures are beautiful! Good work! I am Elisa Hassler's sister. I don't know if you remember me. I peak into your world here and there. :) I was wondering where you get your beautiful frilly chiffon skirts. I want to get one for McKenzie for our next family pictures in a few weeks. Have you found a good deal somewhere? Thank you!!!
Amy Stanger