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Monday, August 3, 2009


So this session couldn't have been more of a dream! This little peanut was only 8 days old, and she is the prime example of why I ask my moms to bring me their babys as early as possible. I seriously cannot stress it enough that the earlier I can get them, the more things are possible to do with the photos. Every day that goes by, they get a little more awake and alert, thus the harder it is to get those adorable sleeping pictures! I KNOW how it feels to just have a baby and not want to leave the house, but I totally think it's worth it when you can get pictures like these! This little girl slept like a log and only made a peep about 2 times. It was amazing! Not to mention she was just plain adorable with all of that thick black hair! Thanks Lydia for bringing me this little angel! I hope you love the pictures Ü

And these were some of the cutest parents I've seen. They totally doted on their "little mamma" whenever she made a squeak. SO cute.

Her grandma bought her these little pearls. How cute are they?

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