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Saturday, September 18, 2010

One for the weekend, and a logo...FINALLY!

So I couldn't resist...for those of you who aren't fans of me on Facebook (I've had this one up for about a week now on there) I wanted to share this picture of this beyond ADORABLE little girl. I just did family pictures with her, her mom & her dad, but her mom & dad wanted some individual shots as well. Here is one of my favorites....and you might notice a new little something added to my picture. Yes, I have FINALLY gotten a logo! I have wanted one since I started my business, but just couldn't find the right look. I wanted something simple, classy, elegant, but also with a touch of whimsy. After almost two years, I think I have finally come up with something that I love and that represents my pictures as a whole. And a HUGE thank you to Erin Householder for helping me out on turning my design into something I could put on pictures (a watermark). She came to my house and within 20 minutes I was up and running. For those of you who don't really know about watermarks, they are just something photographers put on their images that they put on the web to protect them from being stolen and used by other people. When you get your cd with the edited images, these will not be on them! Anyway, I'd love your feedback...tell me what you think of my new design! And enjoy this little cutie's adorable smile.



Kristi M. said...

Love the watermark/logo. It totally makes me think of you and your style.

Jordan and Ariana said...

I think your logo is very classy and totally you.