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Monday, January 25, 2010

Halversen Family

Name sound familiar? This is my husband's older brother and his family. I was actually really excited to do their shoot. My sister in law has an amazing ability to put coordinating outfits together, so I knew they would look fantastic, plus their kids LOVE my husband, so it was really easy to get them to laugh. There are a few more pictures on here than I usually put on, just because they are family, and I LOVED so many of them. Every now and again, I will do a session where afterward I just get really excited about the pictures. This was one of them. So anyway, enjoy!

Love love love LOVE this picture. I wish I could get one like this of me with my girls.

Mr. Cool. Ü


mandbrid said...

LOVE it! And the outfits rock too!

Steven and Jodi said...

Wow! These are SO good! I love the colors. You're amazing!

Jenn said...

Ooh! I love these--especially the last one!