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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Bri was a great sport. We had a lot of fun, even if the lady across the street didn't want us to be there and kept yelling things at us through the entire shoot. It wasn't her property, so I have no idea why she didn't like us, but she was NOT happy! Taking outdoor pictures is ALWAYS an adventure I tell you!


Katie Jane said...

So Cute! Im Totally Jealous! That little old lady can buck up buttercup! way cute :D

Katie Jane said...

The old car is a block from me. :D we wanted to get into the truck but was icky. The old looking house was at her grandmas . and the canal one was on 1st street :DTHANKS!

KM said...

You ALWAYS do such a fantastic job!!! =) I love looking through your creativity and unique perspectives. That's crazy that the lady was so vocal about land that is NOT hers. hahaha