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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Every once in a while I will get a client that totally inspires me. Kari was one of those clients. She has the most amazing natural expression. I could have photographed her for DAYS. Seriously. As you can tell, most of these pictures are a natural expression (no worries to mom and dad, there are a ton of smiling ones in the bunch you will get!) Anyway, I could have put 40 more pictures on here. It was SO hard to decide. I love them all, and I hope you do too! P.S. Ummm, Kari, can I please have your teeny tiny little waist too? Thanks Ü

About half way through our session, all of a sudden a crazy wind started. Like insanely crazy. Who needs a wind machine when we've got mother nature, right? Ha ha Ü

And this one is for Kari's dad who came with us on the shoot. Any time her hair would blow in her face, like even so bad she couldn't see, he would just yell, "Let it blow! Let it blow!" So this one is for him Ü


mandbrid said...

I haven't had time to comment lately....but I ALWAY read your posts. These pictures are stunning! My favorite is the one where you are looking up at her - not very flattering for most people...but it looks great on her!

Luke & Erica said...

Amber, those are so amazing. I swear they get better and better with each shoot. This makes me more excited for our next month. Love to location, the one against the cracked mudd, Priceless!!!