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Monday, May 25, 2009

Lamoreaux Family

I have known Melinda since we were little kids. We grew up 2 houses down from each other, so it is really fun now that we are both back in the same town to be back in touch and still be good friends after all these years! I was really excited when she asked me to take her family pictures. I took her baby's pictures a few months ago, so it was fun to do the rest of the family!

I really like this picture...I mean, how often do you really have moments like this as a couple once you have 3 kids? It's nice to have a peaceful moment.

Such a fun one!

Once again, personal preference, but I just love her eyes and expression in this picture!

Lainey, wow, what a kid! This little girl did not even want to LOOK at the camera when we started. We were all excited that she loosened up by the end of the shoot so I was able to get some great shots for her mom.

I love Love LOVE this picture....such a sweet moment.

There you have it Melinda! I hope you love them!!!


Juliana said...

Beautiful darling girls!

Jason and Amanda said...

These are AMAZING as usual! Beautiful pics of such a cute family. I love the baby pics! I know Melinda will love them!

Our fun family said...

These pictures are so amazing! You really captured their beauty.

mademoisellechitchat said...

GORGEOUS images!