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Monday, December 29, 2008

Ellis Family

I was lucky enough to shoot this whole family a few days before Christmas. Since I'm still practicing, this was great experience for me. All of them were so great, and I had a lot of fun, even if the weather wasn't cooperating outside. We had to shoot indoors, with not the best light, and no backdrop (since I was planning to shoot outside), but I think the pictures turned out pretty great considering the circumstances. Thanks for putting your trust in me guys!

Here are the Echols again. This time Kaybri was in a much better mood, so this picture turned out pretty good I thought...heck, she is smiling and looking in my direction! I couldn't ask for more from her! ;o)

And here are mom and dad.

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Our fun family said...

Wow, very impressive.. these group pictures came out so well, especially, for so many little ones. You light looks good to especially for having to figure it out at the last minute.